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Reseller / Wholesaler


1) Create an account on the website

2) Send us a message via IG (@reblogshop) or FB (Reblogshop) to inform us of your "Intent to Resell/Wholesale" with a screenshot of your account.

3) Once we confirm, we will send the DISCOUNT CODES to be used every time you place an order with the following discount percentages:

6 - 11 pcs 20% Off Retail Price
12 pcs and up 30% Off Retail Price


** Discount percentage is applied to Retail Rate only, NOT APPLICABLE in conjunction with Retail SALE periods (e.g. 10% Off All Items SALE).

** Minimum quantity must be complied, else order will be forfeited.

4)  Reseller / Wholesaler MUST enter the Discount Codes after checkout so that discount prices will show.

5) Reseller / Wholesaler is free to repost photos of Available Items from the website. Please refer to available items only.

6) Same payment process applies after order is submitted in the website.

(LBC Cash on Delivery for LBC orders, Pay upon Meetup or Boutique Pickup)